Registrar's Speech




Let me on behalf of the management team, facilitators and members of our Professional Journal warmly welcome you all to this great site. For our dear newly admitted members.

I welcome our dear members while also congratulating their motivator.

This is the Professional Journal, a renowned professional research and development programme, which towards the attainments of its vision, is fast becoming a reference point in presentation of standardized journal education.

You have enrolled into a professional research and development programme at a time our dear nations are in dire need of appropriate human capital to help her out of the global economic challenges with a research journal. You should be therefore be prepared to contribute your quota through knowledge, to lift her up, and here Professional Journal, we shall hold you through.

Another important journey has just begun in your lives as you are now members of the Professional Journal. I am aware that each of you, in your own way, have overcome challenges, big or small, to be a member this day.

We therefore value not only your academic achievements and potentials but also look forward to the character traits, skills and competence that will make us and the global world proud of you as member and solutions oriented.

Your education in the institute will give you the professional edge to succeed and make a success of your chosen career.

Beyond that, it is a great opportunity to discover more about you, and to develop yourself fully as an individual.

It will also allow you to adapt and to thrive in rapidly changing research and develop the grit and determination to go for the long haul and set you apart in the life journeys. For us, we have, and will continue to provide the enabling best for quality research problem and learning through professional facilitators.

I advise you to be focused, committed and ensure to set the pace, if you are to be inducted as a professional journal. To those looking forward to you, honour their sacrifice by behaving and achieving responsibly and making the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

Let me wish you the every success in your development journey. I encourage you to take on leadership position in the various fields that you have chosen. Do not forget to continue to find ways to contribute to and make a difference to society. You will not only enrich yourself but also the people around you.

To the members of this professional journal, I congratulate you for the gift of life extended to you by Almighty God to witness the epoch making profession.

Thank you for reading and accept my heartfelt congratulations.