Membership of the Professional Journal is open to the public, individual and corporate provided such applicants’ posses the required qualifications for membership conditions for admission are contained in the prospectus of the Professional Body.



1.         Individual Membership

Individuals are admitted into membership of the Professional Body based on qualifications and strictly on the number of journals is prescribed by council from time to time. The individual membership and the designatory letters they are entitled to use after names are as follows:

Fellow:                                    Fipj                 Phj

Full member:                         Mipj                Pfj

Associate:                               Aipj                 Paj

Graduate Member:               Gipj                Pgj


A candidate shall be regarded as a student member if he is enrolled as a full time or part time student of the Professional Body and has satisfied the council that he is a fit and proper person to be enrolled in the register of the body.

Eligible candidates are; OND, NCE, HND, 300 level Student in University, B.Sc, Graduates…


An associate have voting rights in the affairs of the professional body but cannot aspire to be elected to Council while full members and fellows have voting rights and can aspire to be elected to council.


This shall be a person who has been in continuous employment of a reputable organization who must have gotten vast industry experience as a journal writer/presenter for a period of not less than 40 years preceding the date of his application to the Professional body for registration as an Honourary member.


This consists of companies, which engage in International Business in Nigeria, which at the date of application, employ not less than 20 persons and satisfy the rules and regulations as prescribed the professional body


1.         Is designed to enable Undergraduates and Graduates pass through the professional journal presentation as often and to gain membership of the body.

Undergraduates with 1 – 5 tested journals are member of the body

Graduates with 5 – 10 tested journals are graduate member.

            In lieu of this, they are Accelerated Graduates Membership Journal (AGMJ) for graduate of related discipline.

2.         Associate Membership of Professional Journal is for degree holders for MBA / M.Sc with minimum of 10 – 15 tested journals.

3.         Direct Membership of Professional Journal is designed for captains of Industries, Chairmen, MDs’, CEOs’, Managers and key officers in various organizations with minimum of first degree in various disciplines with five years cognate working experience, and 5 – 10 tested journals.

4.         Honourary Membership of Professional Journal is designed for articulate scholars inclined with minimum of 15 and above tested journals.

The Objectives of the Professional Journal amongst others:

  • To widen the horizons and knowledge base
  • To enhance professionalism degree holders in international journal
  • To promote dynamism and practicability in a fast changing global environment