The Professional Journal was established in 2019 as a Professional Journal recognized to handle training and education in Journal Sector of the economy on research and development. The Professional Journal was established under Decree 1 Cap 59 of 1990 (with Registration Number RC ******) by a group of members who have attained high academic and professional levels in Journal research and development Management and saw the need for an efficient professional Body that will propel the image of Journal Profession through and continuous research and development training of members.


The Professional Journal’s objectives include:


  1. To build upon our member’s achievement in creating a strong, proactive and leading edge profession, ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly fast-moving and dynamic research development.
  2. To provide awareness, education and training programmes to enhance the journal development performance of its members.
  3. To augment workshops, seminars and conferences.
  4. To initiate what standard of knowledge and skill is to be attained by persons seeking membership of the institute and reviewing such standard periodically as circumstances may require.


  • Professional Training on research
  • Research and developments
  • Award programmes
  • Sponsored international conferences, workshop, symposia and seminars
  • Global publication
  • Self-reliance to build up a standardized research project for effective solution to the government agencies and industries.

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